Eric S flew all the way from St Helena in south Atlantic to have his treatment specifically with Dr Ubaid in Cheltenham

“…Patient and Respectful…”

“Dr Ubaid works well with all the staff. His approach to his fellow workers is both patient and respectful. His easy going manner makes him very approachable to ask advice and he accommodates any delays graciously. I personally look forward to working with him.”

“A great team player, all of the nursing staff are very happy to work with Salahaddin as he is polite, efficient, and has a great aura of calmness and competence and appreciates the time to be light-hearted. Salahaddin always took the time to explain to the rest of team what was happening despite pressure from senior colleagues..”

“…My Personal Warrior…”

“After and AF episode a highly respected and skilled consultant took a keen interest in my heart issues. He intended to conduct comprehensive research and arrange a series of tests. Shortly thereafter, he visited me once more and patiently explained that my previous open-heart surgery had not yielded the desired results. Despite this news, he assured me not to be concerned as he was determined to rectify the situation in the coming days.”

“And true to his word, he did just that! This incredible individual goes by the name of Dr. Salahaddin Ubaid, a name that draws inspiration from two of the greatest warriors in Middle Eastern history. In my eyes, he has become my personal warrior, as he successfully mended my broken heart.”

“…Genuine Compassion…”

“I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Ubaid. He is the consummate medical professional and equally an incredibly good person.”

“Under extreme stress as a result of some recent cardiac issues, I was fortunate to consult with Dr. Ubaid. He is without question the best medical specialist I have ever had the privilege of meeting in 52+ years. Bringing genuine compassion, empathy and absolute subject matter expertise in cardiology, Dr. Ubaid was tirelessly patient and reassuring at a time of crisis, and critically was able to accurately diagnose the medical issues I had been experiencing. My sincerest thanks.”

“…A Medical Genuis…”

“In Dr Salahaddin Ubaid (Consultant Interventional Cardiologist) I had a medical genius who also contributed significantly to aiding me overcome all of the negative worries and emotions I was feeling.”

“The care he provided to me, his attention to detail, his personal knowledge, expertise, experience and skills was outstanding. What I valued as much as his erudition was his people skills, he related to everyone as an individual, his understanding, communications, interactions and personable nature were exceptional. ”

“…Radiates Warmth…”

“Dr Ubaid was quite simply staggering, he is somebody that has had a significant impact on me, not just for giving me my life back and for his medical genius but for being the person that he is. His presence radiates a warmth, he instils confidence in all those around him, he sets an example for others to follow and is a role model for others to aspire to be like. ”

“He was kind, courteous, professional,, caring and highly approachable as well as the medical guru we all benefit from and rely on to give us our lives back.”

“…Calm and Professional…”

“Your kindness and good humour were very much appreciated and certainly put me at ease throughout the procedure, which on other occasions has been quite daunting, your relaxed approach to my problem was very calm and professional, putting in mind of my own professionalism when as a Pilot I had to convey an air of relaxed professionalism to put the Captain at ease when taken over the conduct of the ship. ”

“In life we all need role modesl if, I was in training to be a doctor you would certainly fit that role for me. .”

“…Kind and Genuine…”

“Not only is Dr Ubaid an extremely kind and genuine person who listens and understands patients’ anxiety, he is a competent, compassionate and professional cardiology Consultant. He immediately put me at ease during my first consultation, when carrying out investigations and when attending a follow-up appointment for my results.”

“Dr Ubaid was generous with his time in explaining my condition and the cause of symptoms and very reassuring. Always caring and professional, he treated me as an individual. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.”

“…I  Felt Listened To…”

“Can’t recommend Dr Ubaid enough. I left my appointment feeling listened to, and most importantly, not dismissed. He alleviated most of my fears and was able to explain in great detail the mechanisms that could be causing my issues. I felt extremely comfortable in his care and I’d recommend him to anyone.”

“I’ve seen a few cardiologists in my time and none have come across as knowledgeable, kind and caring as Dr Ubaid. Looking forward to my follow up (which is a first).”

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